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Rotary Year 2022-23 Recap from Gary's Foundation Corner

By Gary D. Dills

Rotary District 7670 had a great 2022-23 in the Foundation. Giving goals were exceeded in Annual Fund and PolioPlus BUT the goals were too low so per capita is not near what it ought to be. One club did not contribute. More disturbing is PolioPlus giving with seven non-giving clubs.

On a much brighter note -- we have committed all but $35K of DDF which is a record in my memory. See the DDF report ( for where the money is going. If you have a specific interest in one of the grants, just go to the Grant Center and review it. Major kudos to Rick Molland and his team for all the success in recruiting global scholars. We also have a Peace Scholar and a $100,000 disaster relief grant for Ukraine. That is not to mention the 44 District Grants with only about $13,000 not used. There are various reasons the clubs don't use the money but mostly we wait too long to start. See this year’s grant info below. Excellent job by the grants team -- John Davis, Judy Chapman, John Dewitt and several others. Great job by Nancy Brooks and the stewardship team along with our treasurer Len Jones. Same for chief fundraiser Ken Schull and PolioPlus Chair Trudie Crawford. This has been and continues to be an active foundation group serving the clubs.


Please plan an event to commemorate the progress made by the world towards polio eradication (Six cases so far this year). Use social media, a town event, ads in newspaper, fun run/walk etc. to raise awareness of the importance of polio vaccination to protect every child from this devastating disease, and to celebrate the many parents, professionals and volunteers whose contributions make polio eradication achievable. Contact Trudie Crawford for assistance if needed.

Make sure to register your events at

District Grants for Rotary Year 2023-24:

Rotary International approved our district grant on 21 July so clubs should begin work now!! The grant is for $92083 with 39 individual grants. In early December 2023, the foundation committee will ask each grantee for an informal progress report. If the club and foundation committee think the project cannot be finished by the end of May 2024, then the district may redistribute those funds to another club or another project.

Foundation Banquet, 7 October 2023, Morganton Community House:

Mark your calendars and look for the registration link in early August. This is a beautiful venue in Morganton. Our keynote speaker is Director-Elect Patrick Eakes, and our speaker is Ms. Margaret Lebeck, a former Peace Scholar. The cost is $45 per person, dress is Rotary casual (coat, tie optional), plated dinner. Come celebrate PDG Tammy’s great foundation year, accept awards, and learn what is happening in DG Sean’s year.

Start Annual Fundraising NOW! It is never too early to contribute to the Rotary Foundation and PolioPlus. Our expectation is a $125 per capita annual fund giving and $45 per capita for PolioPlus – but more is better.

Thank you to each Rotarian for all the good you do in the world. gdd

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